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Gibson LE Midtown Custom 2013 Vintage Sunburst

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New and in the box. 

Gibson’s “thinline semi-hollow” ES models were an instant hit when they made the scene in 1958. The marriage of archtop and solidbody electric designs addressed the needs of countless players of the day, and created instant classics virtually overnight in the process. Gibson USA’s Midtown Custom takes all of the legendary ES properties a step further, maximizing each design goal, while adding a rich, deep resonance all its own. With a trimmed-down and more player-friendly body size that still emulates the lines of the ES models, but built with the chambered solid-wood construction (rather than a laminated top and back with solid center block), the Midtown Custom truly embodies the optimum marriage of solidbody and archtop. What’s more, it dresses all these tonal advantages in a package worthy of the hallowed “Custom” name.

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